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.2 billion yuan set aside for the central budget stabilization fund, total expenditures amounted to 6.261903 trillion yuan. Revenue in the central bud▓get totaled 3.361192 trillion yuan, an increase of 499.997 billion yuan or 17.5%, equivalent to 103.3%of the target. This consists of 3.267199 trillion yuan directly collected by the central government and 93.9

93 billion yuan turnedover by local governments. Added to the 110 billion yuan from the central budget▓ stabilization fund, total revenue came to 3.471192 trillion yuan. Expenditures in the central budget totaled 3.631992 trillion yuan, an increase of 673.997 billion yuan or 22.8%, equivalent to 102.5% of the target. This figure consists of 1.337431 trillion yuan used by the central government and 2.294561trillion yuan in tax rebates and transfer payments to local governments. A

    • cientific Outloo
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      • k on Development and co▓mpr
      • ehensively implemented the principles and
      • polici▓es of the central leadership a
      • nd the decisions and r
    • esolutions
    • of the First Session of the Eleventh Na
    • otal o

      • tional People's Congress (NP
      • C) in 2008. As a result, we made major co
      • ntinued achievements in reform, openi
      • ng up and socialist ▓
    • modernizat
    • ion. The central
    • f 19.2

      • and local budgets were sati
      • sfactorily implemented and fresh progres
      • s was made in reform and development o
      • f the public finance s
    • ystem. Nat

ional revenue reached 6.13

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